Be Sure to Check out Rudy Strobls talk on "Virtual Geological Tours - 3-dimensional Geological Modeling of Outcrops utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles"


June 11th (Sunday). Cost $30.

This is one of 3 short courses provided by the Geological Society of America Rocky Mountain Section Meeting; Scheduled as 08:30am to 12:30pm in EC1075; in the Roderick Mah Building at MRU.

Description: This half-day course provides an introduction to the application of 4k video and 3-dimensional models created with the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s). UAV’s appropriately equipped with specialized cameras provide low cost, reliable, timely, comprehensive images and data for all outcrops regardless of size or dimension. Images and data obtained from UAV’s are particularly effective for studying exposures, which are steep, inaccessible and remote.


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