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The Next Evolution in Geology

Geologist normally go through great effort and cost in order to understand and measure key features of classic formations.  We can bring the mountain to them complete with a geologist who takes them on a geological tour. This is the next step in geology research, field trips and geoscience education.  

VGeoTours creates high resolution georeferenced, 3D virtual tours, 3D models, hi resolution Geotiffs and videos of well known outcrops to earth science and engineering professionals and students for the purpose of study and analysis. We use UAVs (drones) to photographically capture mountains and mines in full detail and render them into beautiful 3D models and Orthomosaics. 


Guided geology tours with an expert scientist. These movies tell a depositional story from the base of the outcrop to the top. It includes a geological expert lecture, movie footage,  3D model fly throughs , photography and access to relevant publications. They are 2-4 hours long and are available to stream at your convenience.

3D Models:

These are high resolution computer rendered 3D worlds that can be flown through and zoomed in detail. They can be imported into certain ArcGIS and geoscience platforms to facilitate research and education. 


High resolution geotiffs (geographically referenced photographs) of the whole outcrop which can be printed or imported into your favored software. You can print them off large and correlate them or import them into most geological platforms.  


Want to make your own model? A complete set of detail photographs are available for each outcrop.  

Custom Processing and Analysis: 

We can create custom worlds, orthomosaics from varying perspectives.

Geological Studies: 

Our Geologists can correlate strata, interpret environments, perform statistical studies and calculate volumetrics on any outcrop or mine.